Located next to London Waterloo and just a short walk (7 minutes) from popular tourist attractions such as the London Eye, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey... The Walrus Hostel is your ideal London budget accommodation choice, perfect to explore the city from.


FREE Breakfast Every Morning 8am - 10am

The most important meal of the day, we serve simple but delicious breakfast at the bar (downstairs) every morning between 8 and 10! Hot tea, coffee, toast, jams, peanut butter, nutella, yes, marmite and yes-yes, vegemite also (like it made any difference...)! :) There's also fresh OJ, milk and fruits. Grab a bite before starting your day!


FREE Fast WIFI Internet

Pretty standard, we do have it and it's all yours. You'll be given a password at check-in! If you need an electric adaptor, you can borrow one from the bar for a £5 deposit!

Lockers in Every Room

We have lockers in each an every room... If you didn't bring your own padlock, you may borrow one from us (we ask a £5 deposit that we refund in full once you return it).

+ FREE Safe Storage Facility for Valuables!

We have a Special Safe Area only accessible by our staff for your valuables such as: laptops, tablets, cameras, passports etc... Things you can leave with us while you are out and about. To use the Valuables' Storage please ask for assistance at The Bar downstairs.

FREE Access to Luggage Room for Suitcases & Large Bags

You can leave your luggage with us before and after check-in, or whenever you want to really... It is only accessible by the staff, making it Extra Safe - should you wish to use it please ask a staff member downstairs at The Bar and they'll let you access it!

FREE Towels!

Yes, a nice, clean towel is included in the price you pay and you'll be given one at check-in.

FREE Bed Linen!

Check-in is after 2pm everyday, your bed will be ready for you pristine and fluffy by then!

FREE Printing of Tickets & Bookings!

We can print your touristy bookings and travel related tickets/documents downstairs at The Bar! Please send your printable to thewalrushostel@gmail.com then ask someone behind the counter and we'll give it to you right away! No CVs or creative writing though, sorry... ;)


+ FREE Earplugs / Maps / Smiles ...

If you need earplugs, adaptors or maps just ask at The Bar, they are for free and we have plenty!

If you need directions or have any London related or touristy questions, again, just ask a member of staff at The Bar, they'll be happy to help you with anything... including that of giving you a nice, cold pint of beer :)

< at Our Fab Bar >

The Rooms & Facilities

Most of our dormitories are mixed sex, except for one 4 bed female dorm... We have showers and toilets on each floor, proper hot water all day! There's a communal kitchen on the second floor with all you need to make yourself a meal!

We have a Book Exchange Shelf on the second floor full of awesome titles! Feel free to take a book, but don't forget to leave one in exchange!



Downstairs Cocktail Pub with Fab Staff!

There's so many benefits of having a bar downstairs... It is your chill / mingle area and you have 15% off on the bar at all times... Except of course when we already have some great offer happening and there's plenty of those too:

Mojito Monday / Beer Tuesday / Wine Wednesday / Happy Hour


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The Walrus Bar & Hostel

172 Westminster Bridge Road, SE1 7RW, London, UK

Telephone: +44 (0) 2079288599

and +44 (0) 2079284368

E-mail: thewalrushostel@gmail.com

We Are Open Everyday!

12:00 - 23:00 Sunday / Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday

12:00 - 00:00 Thursday

12:00 - 01:00 Friday / Saturday

with love from tamara dancs

The Walrus Bar & Hostel

172 Westminster Bridge Road,

SE1 7RW, London, UK

Telephone: +44 (0) 2079284368

E-mail: info@thewalrusbarandhostel.com