Here's a list of questions people often approach us with... Please make sure you check out our Terms & Conditions as well as our Refund Policy.


What is included in the price of my stay?

Included in our bed prices are: breakfast, clean bed linen, towels, wi-fi internet access and ear plugs. You may also use our printer at the bar/reception downstairs for tickets / travel bookings - free of charge. Furthermore, you have free access to use our Kitchen and Secure Storage Facilities.

Hostel guests receive an additional 15% discount at our downstairs bar on drinks, all day everyday. This also applies at our sister pub, The Horse & Stables down the street, where fresh food is served daily.


What are your prices and availability?

Please refer to our Hostel Reservations Page for more on these.


Do you accept group bookings?

Yes, group reservations are made for 6 or more people. We try allocate groups in the same room/s whenever possible. However, depending on bed/room availability you might not all be able to stay in the same dorm. If you are a group, but have made reservations and paid separately - do drop us an e-mail to let us know that you are one bunch and we'll try our best to allocate you as a group!

In regards of group bookings for school/family trips, that may involve the accommodation of children or people under the age of 18, there are strict Age Restriction Policies and Legal Requirements we must meet. For more specific information on these please refer to our Terms & Conditions. Alternatively, e-mail us ( with any question you might have remaining.


Do you accept long term guests?

Guests can stay at the Walrus Hostel for a maximum of 28 days.


What is your cancellation policy?

Amendments or cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to your check-in date, or the date from which you wish to make changes in your booking. Find out more about cancellations, refunds, etc. in our Terms & Conditions.


Do I need to pay a deposit?

Bookings made in person, by e-mail or over the phone are subject to a deposit (the GBP value of your first night stay) to be made by credit or debit card. You can pay this deposit via telephone, by calling us [+44 (0) 7545589214]. You can also pay online by following a secure web link we'll e-mail you once you request this option. Latter online payment service is done via WorldPay and is 100% secure.

If you make a reservation here on our website, you'll be charged only GBP 1.50 upfront. However depending on the length of your stay and the number of people you book for, we might contact you to pay for the first night of your reservation in advance - see paragraph above.

A deposit is strictly required for bookings made for certain periods of the year, that is for example: Christmas/New Year Season or times when due to special sporting or other events (olympics, football championships, Her Majesty's the Queen's Bday, etc...) we expect to be very busy and fully booked. You can read about this coming Xmas/New Year Season and all requirements for bookings made during this period in our Terms & Conditions.

Reservations made over online hostel agencies / booking engines, eg. hostelbookers, hostelworld: when you make a booking via these sites, they'll charge you 12% of the total fees due. You pay this fee to them, not to us. You'll pay remaining balance to us upon arrival, during check-in.

PLEASE NOTE: Deposits paid to us are non-refundable. You can learn more about our cancellation and refund policies in our Terms & Conditions.


Can I make a booking without a credit or debit card?

Yes. If you are outside of London you can make a booking and pay a deposit or full fees in total via bank transfer. Should you wish to do this, please contact us with your request and we'll provide you with necessary bank details.

If you are in London, you can make a booking and pay a cash deposit in person. (Please note: you must show a valid photo ID to make a booking in person.)


Can I pay in advance?

Yes, partial or full amounts can be paid in advance via bank transfer, email ( or telephone +44 (0) 7545589214 using a credit or debit card. You may also pay in advance with cash in person.


I have paid a deposit online, when do I pay for the rest of my booking?

Payments must be made in full upon arrival. We accept cash, credit or debit cards. Also you can pay for your booking in advance via bank transfer or any of the options explained in previous point above.


I booked via hostelbookers/hostelworld, I thought I paid for everything already?!

No you haven't. This is a common misunderstanding our guests have, online booking agencies including major ones, such as hostelbookers and hostelworld charges you a 12% fee of the total of your booking when you make a reservation on their website. Not a penny more.

Please do take a look at the confirmation document you received from them (before you try convince our staff at any price) and see that it clearly states the amount you've paid and the amount left outstanding - to be paid to us upon your arrival.


Not a single booking agency we are working with will charge you to full amount upfront...


I need to make a change to my booking, how can I go about doing so?

All Changes and Amendments to bookings must be made 48 hours prior to your scheduled arrival date or the date you want to make changes to. You can make changes by contacting us, of course.


I have not made a reservation in advance, do you accept walk-ins?

Yes, we take walk-in guests (subject to availability), however you must be able to present a valid photo ID which we will photocopy for our records. Please note, only valid passports, National ID Cards or Driving Licenses will be accepted as proof of identification. We will NOT accept student cards, nor library or mickey mouse club memberships... :) Sorry, Mickey...


What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash (in GBP only) as well as credit and debit card as payment. Arrival Payments must be made in full upon Check-In. If you need to exchange your money into GBP, there is a currency exchange service two minutes from the hostel.


Why do you need to see a valid Identification upon arrival?

We check all guests' IDs for obvious security reasons, and to ensure that bookings are accurate, and that our guests are over the age of 18...


 Can guests under the age of 18 stay at the Walrus Hostel?

We will NOT accept bookings made by those under the age of 18. Minors and children may stay at the hostel travelling with their parent/s or legal guardians, but either case there are specific conditions their booking must comply with. Please see detailed information on this in our Terms & Conditions.


Where can we store our luggage?

All our rooms are equipped with lockers. For large suitcases and luggages we have a Safe Storage Room Facility you may have access to, free of charge with the help of a staff member. (That is, you can only access this room accompanied by a member of staff, but that's exactly what makes it safe and they are there for you all day during opening hours.) Similarly, we have a Secure Storage/Safe Facility specifically for gadgets and electronics and valuables such as passports, laptops, cameras, tablets etc. (You should never leave these in the lockers upstairs!)


Are your beds and facilities single or mixed gender?

All of our facilities and dormitories are mixed sex, apart from one 4 bed female only dormitory. Good for you, right? ;)


What if I arrive early than check in time?

Official check in time is at 14:00. Guests who arrive early to the hostel are welcome to drop off their luggage, which we will safely store away. You won't be able to access your room/bed until 14:00, but you are welcome to chill at the bar, or use any of the bathroom and kitchen facilities for the time being!


What are your reception hours?

Reception is located downstairs at the bar, which is open for hostellers during the following times:

Sunday / Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday: 8:00 - 23:00

Thursday: 8:00 - 00:00

Friday / Saturday: 8:00 - 01:00


(The bar only starts serving alcohol from noon (12:00), you thirsty Aussies, so be patient and have a glass of OJ till then!)


Can I smoke in the hostel?

NO. It is illegal to smoke in any part of our hostel. Guests found smoking will be asked to leave the hostel IMMEDIATELY without a refund. We have designated smoking areas outside...


I've never stayed in a hostel before, is it safe and secure?

Yes, it is. Although London is a big city, our hostel is very safe and our staff takes every possible precaution to ensure it stays that way. All rooms and the front door to the hostel have a security code without which you cannot enter. Additionally, We have CCTV THROUGHOUT the building, lockers inside of all our rooms, and secure storage facilities for expensive belongings: such as laptops, cameras, tablets etc. 100% Secure!


I can see your hostel very close to Waterloo Train Station, is it noisy?

Our hostel is located next to Waterloo Station, making us the closest hostel to the London Eye, Big Ben and a variety of other exciting landmarks. We have double glazing on all of our windows to help shut out noise, and we provide free earplugs to all guest. Should you a be a troubled sleeper, make sure you get a pair when you chek-in.

We rarely if ever receive any complaints about the noise made by trains, in fact noise due to people snoring in the rooms are more common than anything else, but that's just part of staying in a hostel... :)


What are your Terms and Conditions?

You can view / download our Terms & Conditions here, and we recommend you to read it in full before staying with us!



The Walrus Bar & Hostel

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The Walrus Bar & Hostel

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Telephone: +44 (0) 2079284368